Ben Rosen 

Tuina Massage Therapist, Clinical Qigong Practitioner
Level III Teacher NQA (National Qigong Association)
LMT #21846

11 Years ago Ben was diagnosed with a major hormonal imbalance that deeply affected his functionality of life in every way. In constant fatigue, digestive issues, and serious brain fog . It was this same time that Ben began his journey with the Stillness Movement Jing Dong Gong Lineage and it was through the power of Chinese temple healing methods of Tuina, Clinical Qigong and Immortal herbalism that his health, strength and vitality began to return back in full force. Ben brings together these ancient modalities for a full spectrum wellbeing approach towards modern day immortality.


Inspired by Hsien immortals Ben can be found practicing his running qigong along forested trails and drinking tea from his gaiwan amongst tall trees. Ben’s favorite teacher is Nature itself, returning to the wilds reminds his bones where the Hsien’s of old uncovered life’s hidden treasures. There is an impenetrable mystery to the woods that stepping into always feels like a return back home


Ben teaches Qigong self healing movement classes from the Jing Dong Gong Lineage locally here in Portland. Classes are available every month if interested. 


To schedule a healing session or for more info on Ben and his different offerings reach out to his email at

2933 NE Broadway

Portland, OR 97232


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