Amma Therapy

Amma Therapy is a refined and complex healthcare system —rooted firmly in traditional Chinese medicine practice and diagnostics —which encompasses bodywork, nutrition, herbs and other techniques that address disease and disharmony in the body.  While acupuncturists utilize needles to stimulate acu-points, the Amma Therapist relies on the sensitivity of their hands to manipulate and balance the flow of energy in the body. Not only is the treatment relaxing and restorative, it powerfully addresses chronic pain, illness, anxiety/sleep issues, digestive problems and more.  An Amma Therapist approaches healing with an awareness of the interconnection in mind, body, & spirit — honoring each individual’s path while providing the tools for integrative, vibrant health in all aspects of life. Adjunctive therapies such as cupping, gua sha, and moxa may be incorporated into your treatment plan.


Tuina is an ancient form of Chinese massage that includes techniques of deep tissue, intuitive acupressure, joint stretches, and shaking vibration techniques. In Tuina the fingers themselves act as the needles stimulating the internal meridian system similar to acupuncture. These methods powerfully boost circulation to foster deep healing that frees up stagnant tension locked within the muscles, bones and joints of the body. Tuina is it's own branch of Chinese Medicine that has thousands of years of recorded history in helping people to greatly reduce pain and improve range of motion within the body. 

Clinical Qigong 

Clinical Qigong is an ancient modality that uses the practitioner’s own developed electrical Qi energy of the body to promote healing. Also known as Wai Qi Liao Fa which means “healing with external energy”. CQ includes both on an off body intuitive techniques for creating harmonious energy flow throughout the body, the underlying goal of Chinese Medicine. CQ is a rare form of Chinese healing that requires years of cultivated Qigong development to be able to practice with therapeutic results. Amma Therapy Collective is one of the few sources of CQ therapy that exists here on the west coast. CQ excels as a therapy for achieving pain relief and overall balance within the organ system network of the body.

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