John Mermin 

Certified Amma Therapist,
LMT #23048

John has a unique life story that has shaped who he is and his distinct approach to transformational change. He comes from a family of holistic health practitioners, including a massage therapist mother. His father died of cancer when he was an adolescent. Both his personality and his passing impacted him in a profound way. He inherited from his parents a distinctly calm, grounded and lighthearted energy. In his 20s, when he felt ready to process the loss, he experienced an epiphany and was left with a changed outlook on life, including:

1) An intense desire to cherish each moment he spends with people

2) A deep and unwavering optimism.


He later realized that his life’s purpose is to share his optimistic, calming and lighthearted presence with everyone he meets. He excels at helping people find deep emotional and spiritual balance in a very grounded and practical way. His clients are not just given symptomatic relief, but will also have a blueprint for balanced and healthy living that will serve them for the rest of their life. Learn more about John and his practice at



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