Jana Jones

Certified Amma Therapist,
LMT #24679

Jana has spent the past two years in the study and personal application of the wisdom of Amma Therapy at The Wellspring School for Healing Arts. She believes that this modality of bodywork is a wholistic approach to healing and is beneficial for all aspects of health and wellbeing..Read More

Stephanie Dougherty

Co-owner, Certified Amma Therapist
LMT #24795

Stephanie has been deep in relationship with the healing arts since she was young, following the nurturing example of her parents, whom she helped to operate a wellness based business. This inspired her to own her own center which offered broad access to integrative medicine..Read More

Ben Rosen 

Tuina Massage Therapist 
Clinical Qigong Practitioner
Level III Teacher NQA (National Qigong Association)
LMT #21846

11 Years ago Ben was diagnosed with a major hormonal imbalance that deeply affected his functionality of life in every way. In constant fatigue, digestive issues, and serious brain fog . It was this same time that Ben began his journey with the Stillness Movement Jing Dong Gong Lineage..Read More

Leslie Clapp

Certified Amma Therapist,
LMT #24700

Leslie Clapp is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Amma Therapy. Her training incompasses Deep Tissue & Acupoint manipulation, Swedish techniques, Nutrition, and alternative therapies such as Moxibustion, Cupping and Gua Sha, as well as mindful movement. Leslie is intuitive in her practice..Read More

John Mermin 

Certified Amma Therapist  
LMT #23048

John has a unique life story that has shaped who he is and his distinct approach to transformational change. He comes from a family of holistic health practitioners, including a massage therapist mother. His father died of cancer when he was an adolescent.. Read More

Kelsey Crawford-McIntosh 

Certified Nutritionist, Reiki Practitioner, Herbalist, Artist
Illuminating the Connection Between the Creative + Healing Arts

Kelsey Crawford is a certified wholistic nutritionist (CN), herbalist, level III Usui Reiki practitioner, food writer & photographer, and visual artist. She founded Go Forth Culture in 2013, and has been providing nutrition counseling and workshops in her community for the past five years. Read More

Sarah Hart

M.A. Registered LPC Intern
OR #R5832

Being human has struggles and challenges. I believe that we need positive support and reliable reflections from other humans. The therapeutic relationship can provide this support when you find your life and relationships are not satisfying. I believe people do the best they can but sometimes get stuck in patterns..Read more

If you are interested in holding your practicing at our clinic, please contact us through info@ammatherapycollective.com 

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