Sarah Hart

M.A. Registered LPC Intern
OR #R5832

Being human has struggles and challenges. I believe that we need positive support and reliable reflections from other humans. The therapeutic relationship can provide this support when you find your life and relationships are not satisfying. I believe people do the best they can but sometimes get stuck in patterns that keep them from moving toward the things they want and need. If you struggle with depression or anxiety, wish for more satisfying relationships, struggle with loneliness or the lifelong impact of trauma, I provide clear minded, empathetic and relational support.


My approach is dynamic, collaborative, and Humanistic. I work from a culturally-informed & inclusive model & incorporate all aspects of an individual’s identity & experiences into treatment. My specialties include anxiety, depression, identity, Autism & relationships. I am uniquely suited to work with entrepreneurs and people in the Service Industry.


Together we can look at the patterns that are interrupting your ability to have the full and meaningful life you desire. We will work to cultivate awareness, freedom and choice. You do not have to find your way alone. I can offer you the external support you need to feel your own innate capacity for living an authentic, vibrant life.

2933 NE Broadway

Portland, OR 97232


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