Stephanie Dougherty
Co-owner, Certified Amma Therapist
Oregon Representative of AOBTA
LMT #24795

Stephanie has been deep in relationship with the healing arts since she was young, following the nurturing example of her parents, whom she helped to operate a wellness based business. This inspired her to own her own center which offered broad access to integrative medicine and healing foods to her Portland community. Her fascination with Chinese medicine began with her introduction to the internal Chinese martial arts in 2007. This practice deepened her understanding of Qi, stagnation and the power of movement to bring balance to the body and mind.. Alongside these endevors, she has a background in herbalism, Yoga, holistic veterinary care and various forms of visual and functional art.

Stephanie approaches each session by creating an open and supportive space. She lends a compassionate ear, listening to her clients and incorporating their story with her observations and the intuitive information gained through touch. With these tools she is able. to craft a treatment as unique and dynamic as the individual standing before her. 


With a special focus on chronic pain, injury and surgery recovery. Stephanie believes that regular treatments, when combined with herbal therapies and proper nutrition can greatly reduce pain, adhesions and scar tissue formation while shortening the duration of healing time for planned or accidental trauma to the body.

Please feel free to contact her with any questions, she is excited to share with you the benefits of this powerful approach to wholistic care..


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